Technical Support and FAQ

Having trouble getting RealWin up and running?  This page offers solutions to the most common questions. Save yourself repeated trips to this site by reading through the readme.txt file. There is a wealth of information in that short file. 

Should you encounter a problem not solved here or in the readme, you can contact our support team at support@indowsway.com. 

Q. When compiling my source files I get the following link errors. What's wrong? 
unresolved external symbol _ChooseColorA@4 
unresolved external symbol _ChooseFontA@4 
unresolved external symbol __imp__InitCommonControls@0 

A. These symbols are defined in the Windows import libraries. Make sure you are using the build.rsp file if you are building from the command line. If your are using the IDE, make sure you have specified the library files there.  Every file specified in the build.rsp file must be referenced in the project. Refer to the readme.txt file for further instructions on how to do this. 

If you are using Powerstation, you must also link to the comctl.lib file. This file is supplied by RealWin since Powerstation doesn't include one. 

Q. I get a compiler error when compiling from within the IDE complaining that it can't find the RealWin.mod file.  

A. When setting up the project in the IDE make sure to set the include or module path for the compiler. Check out the readme.txt file for details on how to accomplish this.  

Q. I get a compiler error when compiling from the command line complaining that it can't find the RealWin.mod file. 

A. Make sure that you are using the build.rsp file when compiling. This file contains a line specifying the location of the module files. If you are using the LF90 compiler, make sure that RealWin.mod is specified in the modtable.txt file in your module directory. 

Q. I can't write to a Fortran I/O UNIT and have it come up in a scrolling window. 

A. The LF90 compiler is the only one that supports this feature. Due to this we recommend using a scrolling window using write_text( ) if you want your code to be portable. 

Q. I get the following error when loading RWdemo: 

Load_icon could not load icon: rwicon #00000000.  continue?

A. RWdemo demonstrates numerous RealWin features. This file loads resources (icons) from both the Windows libraries and the resource file supplied with RWdemo. Make sure that the resource file, rwdemorc.rc is included in the project when using the IDE and add it to the command line when compiling from DOS: 

  • F90 rwdemo.f90 rwdemorc.rc @build.rsp

for DVF, MSFPS, and Lahey's LF90. 

  • F90 rwdemo.f90 rwdemorc.res @build.rsp

for Absoft. 

Q. I get the following error when loading ToolBar.exe: 

Unable to create bitmap: skull  Continue?

A. Make sure you load the resource file. Refer to the above question: 

  • I get the following error when loading RWdemo:

for more details. 

Q. I can't find a build.rsp file in my Lahey edition of RealWin. Where is it? 

A. Due to the strength of the Lahey fig file, you will not find a build.rsp file on this platform. Refer to the lf90.fig file for this information. 

Q. I can't find the library files specified in the build.rsp file. Where are they? 

A. All the library files except RealWin.lib live in your compiler's library directory. 

On the Powerstation platform, we also supply the Comctl.lib file since Powerstation doesn't supply it. Comctl.lib is in your RealWin install directory. 

DVF sometimes hides these library files in the Devstudio/VC/lib directory. 

Q. Can I use QuickWin with RealWin.  

A. There have been no reports of conflicts when mixing these metaphors but Indowsway does not claim to support it. 

Q. I am getting an unresolved external, _MAIN, at link time. 

A. Make sure you're using the build.rsp file if compiling from the DOS command line. If you're using the IDE, make sure you are compiling a Windows application, not a console app. 

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