Company Profile
Indowsway Software's goal is to bring Windows to your Fortran applications. RealWin is the software package that makes this possible. We know that many programmers and engineers continue to use Fortran for it's number crunching strength and because their companies have mission-critical applications written in Fortran. With RealWin you can modernize your programs with Fortran code. RealWin lets a Fortran programmer create full-featured applications for Microsoft 32-bit Windows platforms.

Indowsway Software's management and software design is led by Bruce M. Bush. Mr. Bush has been writing support software for Fortran programmers since 1976. During his tenure at Lahey Computer Systems he was the Vice President of Product Development and Chief Technical Officer. In 1996 he left Lahey to start Indowsway Software and develop RealWin. In addition to our software packages, Indowsway also provides consulting services. We can help companies port their code to Microsoft Windows, learn Fortran 90 programming, and optimize your Fortran code.

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Fortran Focus

RealWin (1996-Present): Designed and implemented a combination of Fortran and C that makes it easy for Fortran programmers to develop Windows Applications.
Windows Fortran (1995-96): Created an environment enabling Fortran programmers to produce 32-bit programs for NT, Windows 95, and Windows 3.1. C/C++ interfaces are included.
Fortran 90 Compiler (1992-94): Technical lead of a two-year project. 90% of the compiler and runtime library were coded in portable ANSI C, and most of the remainder in Fortran 90.
32-bit Fortran 77 Compiler (1987- 88): Technical lead and primary programmer porting a compiler, runtime library, debugger and linker to 32-bit extended DOS. This product won PC Magazine's Technical Excellence Award in 1988.
Support Products (1984-88): Wrote a debugger, a linker, and major improvements to a Fortran 77 Language system.
Fortran Runtime (1982-84): Designed and implemented the runtime library for Lahey F77L. Much of the code is still in use in current Lahey products.