Custom Windows at a shrink-wrap price
If there is a feature in Windows that you want in your Fortran application and it is not already in our RealWin functions list, don't give up. Here are the different solutions we provide with RealWin:

RealWin already contains Fortran access to a huge part of the Windows API. Odds are you'll be able to implement the feature by calling a couple of RealWin routines.

RealWin is always growing. What you want might have been ordered by someone else.

Since a RealWin application follows Windows conventions, other software packages can be used with RealWin. For instance, Windows-oriented presentation graphics libraries can be used to create graphics for display in RealWin windows.

Directly access the Windows API. Yes, we know this is what you are trying to get away from, but calling just a few API's can give you those little touches you want right away.

Order custom extensions to RealWin. Indowsway Software doesn't want you to run into any roadblocks in using RealWin. So, if there is a feature that you need added to RealWin, just tell us. We'll tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take.

On-site consultation: Indowsway can come to your site for training, debugging, optimization or even help in writing your Windows interface.

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