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November 3, 2001
-- Indowsway Software releases version 3.0. This new version is delivered electronically via email, including a manual in PDF format. Instead of selling 'updates', we now sell service contracts that include all updates during the contract period.

August 14, 2000 -- Indowsway Software is coming back to its roots in custom software creation. Despite moving away being a "shrinkwrap" product, RealWin will still be available for a modest price. Most new features will be ordered and specified by individual clients. These new features will be available in updates to the entire client base.
January 5, 2000 -- Indowsway distributes another release of the RealWin Subscription.
December 15, 1999 -- Indowsway discontinues supporting Microsoft Fortran Powerstation. It has become impractical to continue enhancing RealWin with this compiler.

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